Kristine DeMara is the founder of Kristine's Ministry a nonprofit organization. 

Kristine DeMara is a native San Diegan and currently lives in McAllen, Texas. She came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of 22 while visiting her sister in Chicago. She remain there and married the father of her children and later moved back to San Diego, CA.

She has spent her life teaching and preaching God's word. Her life is marked with the nail scared hands of Jesus and the victories of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.  She has a testimony that is all about the power of God's love and grace in her life. How God's faith, hope and love bought her through divorce, abuse and abandonment as a Christian woman.

In her early years she preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in several missions on skid row in Chicago, Ill. Later to speak at women’s retreats. In 1983 she moved back to San Diego, CA and again God open doors for her to teach and preach the word of God. She also had a ministry answering prayer lines for Christian TV.

In 2010 she had her own radio program on KPRZ “A Word for the Week” and in 2011 she planted a church in the inner city of San Diego, CA My Savior Lives. God spoke to her to plant a church in the inner city of San Diego, CA and she took a step of faith and started with 35 chairs, a PA system and a coffee pot in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel downtown San Diego. God filled the church up quickly. She preached there every Friday night for six years. She ministered to hundreds of people. Bringing a message of Faith, Hope and Love.

While pastoring My Savior Lives God spoke to her to start a street ministry and on Sunday mornings from Sept. 2013 to Sept. 2015 Pastor Kristine preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside on the corner of Island and 16th Street San Diego, CA. She is well known in the inner city of San Diego, CA and commonly known to be very loving and excepting person that preaches the truth. A common phrase you will hear should you ask anyone about her “She is the real deal”

In 2017 she join the board of directors of San Diego Downtown Fellowship of Churches and Ministries. She believes in their mission to help churches and ministries further their cause. 

In 2018 God spoke to Pastor Kristine that it was time for her to begin a ministry of evangelism to the nations. She partnered with Fountain Flow Ministries International and so far she has traveled to Guatemala and India to preach the Gospel. Which has begun a new adventure in her life.

In 2019 Pastor Kristine moved to McAllen, Texas and presently serves as a pastor at Hope of Glory Church in McAllen, TX

Pastor Kristine is the author of “Mind of Christ Bible Study and Support Group” her daughter was the inspiration for the book. 

She is married to Chris DeMara who is also a bible teacher and she has two grown children Rachel and Scott Oertel.

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